Mohave/ Mojave Turquoise Gemstone Sterling Silver Tear Drop earrings

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Absolutely stunning and intriguing are these sweet little Turquoise gems. Purple in colour tear drop earrings with specs of bronze. Purple Turquoise starts out as stabilized Blue Turquoise from the Kingman mine located in Kingman, Arizona, it is dyed purple and then goes through a Bronze fusion process that creates and adds a shiny bronze color to the matrix.

Measure 15mm heigh x 10mm wide, hung from sterling silver hooks.

Mojave  or Mohave Turquoise Crystal Healing Properties: Turquoise is not only a stone for finding wholeness and truth; it is also an aid in the communication and manifestation of those qualities. … Turquoise is a stone of self forgiveness, self acceptance and the release of useless regrets.

Birthstone: June, July, December
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